Two days media camp for youth

A 2-Day Camp for Plus two/Degree students with the aim of fostering critical thinking, digital literacy and responsible media engagement in today‚Äôs media landscape. This program is offered in collaboration with Mathrubhumi Media School, leveraging their expertise in media education. In an era where information inundated us from all directions, it’s crucial to equip individuals with the skills to navigate, critically analyse, and effectively contribute to media landscapes. The Media Literacy Camp aims to empower participants with the knowledge and tools to engage responsibly, ethically, and creatively with media.

Program Objectives
Equip participants with the skills to analyse and evaluate media messages critically.
Develop an understanding of media bias and different media perspectives.
Foster responsible media consumption habits.
Enhance communication skills for effective self-expression through various media forms.

Programme content
Media literacy
Digital content creation
Mobile journalism
Multimedia production
AI tools for content creation
Digital photography
Hands-on training with AI-powered tools
AI platforms for multimedia content generation
Audion content creation
Journalism AI.

Eligibility: Plus two/degree students who pay the registration fee.
Venue: Online Examination Centre (DASP Lab), Mahatma Gandhi University
Duration: 2 Days; 16-17 May 2024

Registration Fee: Rs. 800/-
(The registration fee does not include the lunch. We will provide tea and snacks)
Number of participants: 30
Last date of registration: 14 May 2024

Registered participants will receive certificates.

Registration link:

For details, contact to
Dr. Shaini Gopinath, Mobile: 9495161509
Dr. Vimal Kumar V. Mobile: 8289896323