Library Staff


University  Librarian


Dr. Laila T Abraham University Librarian (In-charge)
Deputy Librarians


Dr. Laila T. Abraham General Administration


Annu George Collection Development &Services


Unnikrishnan S. ICT Applications & Services

Assistant Librarians


Sreekumar V. Head, Technical Section


Murali K. K. Head, Documentation Section


Anirudhan S. Head, Circulation Section


Mini G. Pillai Head, Acquisition Section


Maghesh Rajan M. Head, Maintenance Section


Joy Joseph Study Center, Pala
7 Jayasree P. B. Head, Electronic Theses&Dissertations Section
8 Baby Joseph Periodical Section
9 Anil Kumar A.T. Electronic Theses&Dissertation Section
10 Mathew Scaria  Study Centre, Changanacherry
10 Geethakumari M.K.
10 Raju Varghese  Documentation Section
Reference Assistants
1 Latha Aravind Study Center, Kottayam
2 Nikesh N. LWA
3 Sebastian Joseph Technical Section


Deepa R. Periodical Section


Abubacker V. Librarian, School of Environmental Sciences
6 Sureshkumar T.V. Librarian, School of International Relations
Technical Assistants
1 Biju Philip Periodical Section
2 Aparna P. R. Acquisition Section
3 Sheeba P. Cherian Electronic Theses&Dissertation Section
4 Shyama K. R. Librarian, School of Social Sciences
5 Sunny C. P. Librarian, School of Chemical Sciences
6 Dhijeetha Raveendran Acquisition Section
7 Salahudeen Puthu Ottayil Study Centre, Pala
8 Sabu K. Documentation Section
9 Shaini Gopinath A. Librarian, School of Computer Sciences
10 Jose Mathew Maintenance Section


Susan Chacko Librarian, School of Pure and Applied Physics


Shibu M.P. Study Center, Kottayam
13 Saritha R. Librarian, School of Letters
14 Shijudas C.D. Librarian, School of Management and Business Studies


Gireeshkumar V. Circulation Section


Vimalkumar V Documentation Section


Siju Jose M. Circulation section
18 Viju V. Librarian, School of Gandhian Thought and Developmental Studies
19 Savithry T. K. Circulation Section
20 Prajeesh Bhaskaran Librarian, School of Indian Legal Thought
Library Assistants
1 Indira B. Study Center, Thodupuzha
3 Seema V. Madhu Maintenance Section
4 Geetha M. P. Circulation section
5 Soumya K. S Circulation section
6 Sreeja P. S. School of Letters
7 Anoop N. Librarian, School of Biosciences
8 Ratheesh A.G. Librarian, Department of Tourism
9 Vijitha K. G. Maintenance Section
10 Anjana A. R. School of Indian Legal Thought
11 Sini E. M. On Deputation
12 Tudymol Johnson Periodical Section
13 Dr. Ancy Librarian, Pedagogical Sciences
Office Staff
1 Vipin Kumar Administrative Officer
2 Typist
3 Udayakumar V. LGS